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Bombshell: Nathan Wade’s Key Role In Fani Willis’ 2020 Transition

via Atlanta News First
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Sources reported that Nathan Wade held significant influence in Fulton County DA Fani Willis’ office after her 2020 election, including making personnel decisions like hiring and firing staff during the transition period, raising ethical concerns.

Wade led a team that reinterviewed the 250 existing employees, with sources recalling his prominent role in interviews and saying he determined who stayed.

“Willis said everyone in the office was essentially all terminated, and that essentially we had to reapply for our jobs and must submit an application and schedule a time to appear for an interview,” one source said. “We had to reapply and came back in so they could interview everyone — from lawyers to paralegals to assistants to investigators.”

They found his involvement strange as he was not an employee.

“And in that room, in my interview, there were a lot of people other than Fani Willis. And that was her transition team. I definitely know that Nathan Wade was in that room because he was taking the lead role,” the source added. “And I was a little confused because I had never seen him before.”

“I had about maybe ten people in the interview,” another source said. “Nathan definitely was up moving around and taking charge in the room. Wade hired the entire office of 250 employees,” the person said. “I was just telling him my employment background, and they just sit there and looked at me and they said well, ‘you’ll get an email on our decision.’ And that’s what Wade said. And he looked at Willis. They looked at each other. And there was just something so weird going on.”

After the process, Willis allegedly eliminated those too close to the prior administration.

If proven Wade and Willis had an undisclosed romantic relationship then, it could show improper conduct and result in Willis’ removal from prosecuting Trump, as their testimony about the timeline of their relationship conflicts with other evidence.

“[Our] relationship wasn’t a secret. It was just private,” Wade testified.

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