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Bombshell Evidence: Fani Willis May Face Prosecution

via 11Alive
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Attorney Jonathan Turley believes newly discovered evidence regarding a personal relationship between Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and prosecutor Nathan Wade, whom she hired to lead the racketeering case against Donald Trump, could lead the Georgia court to refer Willis for prosecution.

Turley referenced cell phone location data showing Wade visited Willis’ home late at night in 2021, contrary to their claims that their romance did not begin until 2022.

“We are still awaiting a response from Willis so this is only one side. However, it could put Willis’s combative testimony into sharp relief as she declared ‘It’s a lie. It’s a lie’ on the stand,” Turley wrote.

If the court finds Willis and Wade lied on the stand about the timing and nature of their relationship, it could refer the matter for possible perjury prosecution by another office, as Turley asserted their continued involvement undermines the integrity of the case and their office.

Turley said the issues are escalating and Willis and Wade should step aside from Trump’s Georgia case to restore public interest and confidence in the handling of the matter.

“If the court believes that Willis and Wade lied on the stand, he could refer the matter for possible prosecution…by some other office. He could also consider a referral to the bar. Once again, the insistence on Willis and Wade that they remain in the case is troubling,” Turley wrote.

“There is clearly a growing appearance of impropriety and possible conflicts of interest. It is clear that they continuation in the matter is undermining not just the integrity of the case but that of their office.”

“While many praised Willis for her combative testimony, it only magnified the concerns for many about the underlying personal motivations and interests in the hiring of Nathan Wade,” he said.

“The response of Willis and Wade is now eclipsing the original allegations. They have placed their personal interests before the case and the office. Most importantly, they have allowed those interests to transcend the public interest in the case. They should clearly step aside,” he wrote. “However, there are now alleging of false filings with the court and even perjury. The problems are escalating for both prosecutors.”

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