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Elon Musk: DEI Puts Lives At Risk

via New York Times
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Ben Shapiro raised concerns about diversity, equity and inclusion policies negatively impacting medical care.

He discussed incidents where medical students prioritized identity over merit, like one who injured a patient mocking her pronoun pin.

A Duke surgeon aimed to reduce white male surgeons based on views of the university’s history.

“It’s bad enough when teachers or government bureaucrats talk like this, but valuing intersectionality over merit can literally mean life or death in surgery,” Ben Shapiro said.

“DEI puts the lives of your loved ones at risk,” Musk said.

Shapiro showed surgeons saying appearance and grants should be based on minority status rather than skills.

Experts at UPenn called seeing many white male surgeons “off-putting” and advocated selection based on minority status like the NFL’s Rooney Rule.

“I’d say this thread is insane, but it’s actually obvious,” Dave Rubin wrote. “DEI will lead many people to DIE. Some intentionally.”

“Both UPenn and Liu’s medical school, Wake Forest, have attempted to hide Liu’s hiring,” Shapiro wrote. “Wake Forest didn’t list Liu’s hospital in graduation materials, and UPenn doesn’t list Liu’s medical school on its website.”

Commentators warned DEI could put lives at risk by valuing intersectionality over qualifications for surgeons, with medical error already a leading cause of death.

They argued merit should outweigh other factors in fields impacting life or death.

“Raman also tweeted that he won’t ‘amplify’ medical literature involving only white men – because it’s not as if white men have ever advanced medicine or anything,” Shapiro added. “Vignesh Raman is just one example of a much larger trend. The American College of Surgeons, or ACS, recently gave its 88,000 members a definition of ‘racism’ that implies it’s impossible to be racist against white people.”

“The doctors also state that surgery needs something like the NFL’s Rooney Rule, which requires that teams interview minority candidates,” Shapiro wrote. “But the doctors say surgery needs an expanded version that goes further and ensures that minority candidates are selected.”

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