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‘Dear Joe’: Border Patrol Union’s Blistering Letter to Biden

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During Joe Biden’s presidency, illegal immigration has remained a contentious issue, marked by policy changes and ongoing challenges.

The Border Patrol Union

via CBS News

The Border Patrol Union sent a concise letter to President Biden, blaming him for the border crisis and accusing him of encouraging illegal immigration. They criticized Biden for providing free benefits to illegal immigrants while Americans struggle.

Catastrophic disaster


“Dear Joe, You OWN this catastrophic disaster at the border – lock, stock and barrel,” the union wrote.

Biden created it

via NBC News

“You created it. You nursed it along. You encouraged it. You facilitated it. It’s all yours. Don’t run from it now like a coward. Signed, The BP agents you’ve thrown under the bus,” they wrote.

Shift of illegal entries


The union highlighted the shift of illegal entries to California and Arizona after Texas tightened border security.

Overall problem persist

via CBS

Despite a decrease in illegal entries in some areas, the overall problem persists due to cartels finding alternative routes.

Support for law enforcement

via CBS

The union’s stance against Biden’s policies signifies resistance to the administration’s actions and support for law enforcement and the American people.

Record levels

via 60 Minutes

Under President Biden, illegal immigration across the US-Mexico border has hit record levels, with over 7.2 million border crossings from 2021 to early 2024.

Highest numbers of illegal crossings

via News Nation

In FY2022 and FY2023, Biden oversaw the highest numbers of illegal crossings ever recorded at around 2.4 million per year.

Released into the US

via KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas

His policies have resulted in about 85% of border crossers and illegal aliens being released into the US interior, rather than deported.

6.2 million illegal aliens

via 60 Minutes

The Congressional Budget Office estimates 6.2 million illegal aliens entered the US from 2021-2023 due to this.

Expected to hit 50 million

via Sky News Australia

The foreign-born US population is expected to hit 50 million partly because of Biden’s lax immigration enforcement.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas

via NBC

Republicans have sought details on illegal aliens released into the US, which DHS Secretary Mayorkas has so far refused to provide.

NY Governor Kathy Hochul

via NBC News

New York Governor Kathy Hochul said her state has been overwhelmed by the surge of illegal immigrants arriving in recent months. She blamed the border crisis on congressional Republicans, saying they “broke it” and now “own it” heading into the November election.

Demanding Action

via WTHR

Hochul claimed even the 10 Republican members of Congress from New York could band together and demand Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson address the border issue.

Bipartisan solutions

via Forbes Breaking News

“I still believe that there can be bipartisan solutions,” she said. “The institution is capable of it if you get the right people in there. And I’m going to work to make sure that we have the right people in there. And also even before next November’s election when I believe we will pick up the House, the Republicans in the state of New York, and there are ten of them, they have the power to caucus together, march down to Speaker [Mike] Johnson’s office and say, ‘we demand that you do something about the border, bring it to the floor and we will support it.'”

Use the power

via CBS

“Use the power that has been given to you, because we are being so affected,” she said. She said New York City’s resources are strained by the influx of 175,000 migrants seeking jobs or asylum.

Provide relief

via CBS

While working to employ the immigrants, Hochul pressed Republicans to provide relief at the border or face voter backlash, arguing control of the crisis could become a decisive campaign issue.

Absolutely overwhelmed

via KTLA 5

“We have 175,000 migrants who came here — they came here for a better life, they came here for a job, but our city and its resources are absolutely overwhelmed. We need a break.”

You broke it

via The Telegraph

“I’m working to get people jobs. They’re here. I’m going to make them work and get them jobs. But until then, we need some relief at the border, and those Republicans, even in one state like New York, ten of them can make this happen. And if they don’t, this will be a wedge issue, a forceful issue against them this November as well. So I’m putting them on notice, you broke it, you now own it,” Hochul said.

Denver spent $42M

via Forbes Breaking News

Cities like Denver are struggling with the costs of housing, educating, and providing services to tens of thousands of migrants arriving since 2022. Denver has already spent $42M and estimates the costs will exceed $180M this year.

Denver Mayor Johnston

via Jimmy Kimmel Live

Denver Mayor Johnston said, “We are going to have to make changes to what we can do in terms of our city budget and what we can do in terms of support for newcomers who have arrived in the city.”

Out on the street in tents

via Al Jazeera English

“We want to continue to be a city that does not have women and children out on the street in tents in 20-degree weather,” he continued. “And we also want to provide all our constituents with the services they deserve and the services that they expect,” he added.

Shared sacrifice

via Firstpost

“This is a plan for shared sacrifice,” explained the mayor. Johnston went on to propose cuts in services to city residents.

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