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Devastating Impact of Trump’s ‘Political Prosecution’ in NY

via LiveNOW from FOX
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Political Analyst John Carney said a New York civil fraud case against Donald Trump was a “political prosecution” that will drive businesses out of New York.

On Fox Business, co-host Sean Duffy asked if New York business owners would be at ease after Governor Hochul said the case only targeted Trump.

Carney said they would not feel at ease, and the case shows that if you are an enemy of the political establishment, they will use the judicial system to come after you.

Duffy said, “Governor Hochul was trying to reassure New Yorkers are that this really just Donald Trump. If not Donald Trump you are fine. Are people going to be at ease? Are business owners going to be at ease in New York? Or do you think you are going to see an exodus?”

Carney answered, “Absolutely they won’t be at ease. What this is telling you if you’re the enemy of the political establishment, they will use the judicial system to come after you.; This was a political prosecution. The judgment was a joke. The legal theory behind it was absurd. It is going to chase the businesses out of New York.”

He argued the judgment was absurd and the legal theory behind it was ridiculous.

Carney added it will not only prompt those already in New York to try to leave, which will be difficult, but deter new businesses from starting in New York due to the judicial system becoming a mockery.

“More than even people who are even here try to get out which will be difficult, it means that if you’re starting a business there is no way you what you want to start in New York because you see the judicial system has become a mockery and you don’t want to go anywhere near it,” concluded Carney.

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