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Biden claims modern senators worse than segregationist

via The Telegraph
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President Biden drew criticism for comparing the current Republican party to Strom Thurmond, a segregationist former senator.

Biden said Republicans today are “worse” than Thurmond and others he served with, claiming they supported “basic democratic principles” unlike today’s GOP.

“I’ve been a senator since ’72. I’ve served with real racists. I’ve served with Strom Thurmond. I’ve served with all these guys that have set terrible records on race,” Biden said.

“But guess what? These guys are worse. These guys do not believe in basic democratic principles.”

Many pointed out the inaccuracy of this, noting Thurmond ran for president on a segregationist platform and represented policies opposed to democracy.

“Wait, so Biden thinks Strom Thurmond at least supported ‘basic democratic principles’?” Washington Free Beacon reporter Chuck Ross wrote.

Critics attacked Biden for praising Thurmond in a 2003 eulogy, calling them “friends,” undercutting his current comments.

Biden’s remarks were called divisive and a “hoax” meant to attack opponents rather than discuss issues.

“These are the kinds of comments from Biden being a blatant DIVIDER in chief that will drive people who are otherwise skittish to vote for Trump. Don’t ever let the media or the Democrat Party say Biden speaks for and cares about all Americans,” NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck wrote.

“Sure, guys like Storm Thurmond didn’t want Black people to vote. But at least they believed in democracy, unlike these clowns,” author Varad Mehta wrote.

“It’s always personal attacks. The only ‘substance’ he has are hoaxes. Literally. He ran in 2020 on the Fine People Hoax. He’s running in 2024 on the Jan6th Insurrection Hoax. He’s basically two hoaxes and insult,” “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams said.

“Joe Biden repeatedly praised Strom Thurmond, called him his ‘closest friend,’ urged him to run for president, and eulogized him at his funeral. All of these are recorded on video,” Federalist co-founder Sean Davis said.

“Just 14 years ago Joe Biden delivered a warm and loving eulogy for a former Ku Klux Klan member,” Twitchy’s Doug Powers said.

“This is the man who told a black audience that Mitt Romney (of all people) would ‘put them back in chains’ so forgive me for not falling for this bit,” Targeted Victory vice president Logan Dobson wrote.

Republicans said Biden was “desperate” given his unpopularity.

The comparison to Thurmond renewed questions about Biden’s past praise for the segregationist and underlined criticisms that Biden is now employing a divisive strategy in response to political challenges.

“Outrageous,” Speaker of the House Mike Johnson said. “The least popular President to seek re-election is now so desperate and so underwater in the polls he’s playing the race card from the bottom of the deck.”

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