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Nigel Farage: ‘World Would Be a Safer Place’ with Trump

via GBNews
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Nigel Farage, the Brexit leader from the UK, said at CPAC that the world would be safer with Donald Trump as US president.

He praised Trump’s 2024 campaign as more professional than previous ones and said issues like crime, the border crisis, and Biden’s weakness abroad favor Republicans.

Farage said, “I think that the way his campaign is being run is far more professional than it was in ’16 or it was in ’20. I think the messaging is very clear, and I think there is an appetite.”

“I mean, just look at the state of American cities; look at what’s happening on the border; look at the global situation, where the weakness of Biden, particularly over Kabul in Afghanistan, has led to such bad things,” he continued.

Farage explained, “I am an open supporter of his [Trump]. I have been from the very beginning, but I genuinely think that the world would be a better, safer place with him as president.”

Farage argued Trump’s “peace through strength” foreign policy prevented crises like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, saying Trump could negotiate peace between Ukraine and Russia in 24 hours using presidential power.

Trump previously said, “I want everyone to stop dying. They’re dying, Russians and Ukrainians. I want them to stop dying,” he added. “And I’ll have that done … in 24 hours, I’ll have it done. You need the power of the presidency to do it.”

At CPAC and with GB News, Farage contended Trump was an effective peacemaker as president and that his reelection would benefit global security more than Biden’s leadership.

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