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Chinese immigrant running for Congress fears Marxism followed her

via Lily Tang Williams
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Lily Tang Williams, a survivor of China’s Cultural Revolution, sees parallels between her childhood experiences under Mao Zedong’s regime and the current political climate in America.

Williams, also a Republican running for Congress in New Hampshire’s second district, said, “The identity politics, oppressor versus oppressed, the struggle sessions and trying to destroy nuclear families, turn kids against their parents — it all happened before. It’s similar tactics.”

“But our people don’t recognize that,” she explained.

“Even some parents don’t recognize that,” she continued.

Williams said, “I feel like the communist Marxists followed me to my new country.”

She added, “I feel like I’m seeing history repeating itself in front of my eyes.”

She warns of similarities in tactics like identity politics, division of people into oppressor versus oppressed, and the erosion of family bonds.

Williams said, “Mao actually used classic Marxist theory to divide people into oppressor versus oppressed.” “Sounds very familiar to today’s America, doesn’t it?”

She admitted, “I was totally brainwashed. The first of 15 minutes of classroom gathering was all political, it’s all indoctrination.”

The survivor added, “We were told that our parents are dear, but Chairman Mao is more dear.”

“This rhetoric they use to teach our young people, demonize free enterprise, people who create jobs, basically demonize capitalism — that’s what I heard in China,” shared Williams.

Williams expresses concern about indoctrination in schools, loss of critical thinking skills in youth, and challenges to parental rights.

Drawing from her past, she emphasizes the importance of recognizing these patterns to prevent history from repeating itself in the United States.

Williams claimed, “They’re pushing this to our kids. And why? I think this has something to do with the leftist Marxist agenda.”

She warned, “We don’t want to go down that path. We don’t want that happening in my new country. That’s what I left behind, I thought.”

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