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Democrat Says Reagan ‘Rolling Over In His Grave’ Over GOP

via Mid-Michigan now on FOX66 & NBC25
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Democrat Representative Elissa Slotkin argued that many Republicans have aligned with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying Ronald Reagan would be “rolling over in his grave” to see it.

She noted how some are drawn to former President Donald Trump’s autocratic leadership style of “my way or the highway,” as he has pledged to rule like a dictator if reelected.

Slotkin expressed not understanding this embrace of Putin’s leadership given Reagan’s policy of “peace through strength.”

Rep. Slotkin exclaimed, “It is insane it is how many people we have in the Republican Party who are on team Putin.”

“I think, you know, in the era of Trump, there’s just a lot of people who are looking for that autocratic leadership, and Trump leads in a way that is, you know, kind of my way or the highway. He’s being very clear about what he’s going to do if he wins again. He says, I’m going to basically run as a dictator. He’s telling us what he’s going to do, and therefore there’s sort of a style that appeals to some people in that Putin leadership as well,” she continued.

She criticized such positioning as short-sighted reelection politics rather than considering the strategic security of the US.

Slotkin contended it contradicts Republican principles and undermines longer term priorities to placate primary challenges rather than ensuring national security.

Slotkin said, “I don’t totally understand it. I’m glad Ronald Reagan isn’t here to see this party. He’s probably rolling over in his grave. I mean, peace through strength is his thing, right? So it completely contravenes what I think of the principles of the Republican Party, but I think also it just- it means you’re not thinking more than 2 inches down the road. You’re thinking about your re-election. You’re thinking about making sure you don’t get a primary.”

“You’re not thinking about the strategic security of the United States, and that is what just gets under my skin,” concluded Slotkin.

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