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Hunter’s China Work Began In 2015 Following VP Biden’s Party

via FOX
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Tony Bobulinski, a business partner of Hunter Biden, testified that the Biden family’s business dealings with a Chinese energy firm began in 2015 while Joe Biden was Vice President, not after as Democrats claimed.

He provided emails and messages showing discussion of deals involving the “Biden family” in 2015.

Bobulinski also stated he raised money for Democrats in the past but felt compelled to speak publicly after Joe Biden denied involvement in his son’s business affairs.

“There will be a deal between one of the most prominent families from US and them constructed by me [sic], I think this will then be a great addition to their portfolios,” one message read.

During his testimony, Democrats attempted to undermine Bobulinski’s credibility rather than address the substance of his claims.

“Hunter and I were directly across from Director Zang and Zhao, and Hunter starts — I don’t mean just raising his voice — just yelling at Director Zang, ‘you owe my family money. Why haven’t you paid the $20 million we’ve discussed? When is it coming?’” Bobulinski testified. “What’s he talking about when he says ‘we have been shorted’? He’s talking about the fact that they were expected to get paid $20 million by CEFC for the work they had done previously … this started back in 2015. Numerous people — Rob Walker stated it himself,” he said.

He provided detailed allegations of questionable foreign business activities by the Biden family while Joe Biden held office.

Bobulinski said “I met Joe Biden face-to-face. These guys were talking about having Joe Biden come to New York and sit face-to-face with Chairman Ye while we were formalizing this deal. And for every one of these guys to now have amnesia or, like, you know, claim that, ‘Oh, Hunter wasn’t really talking about his father,’ is just absurd. The American people deserve the truth.”

“When I met with Gabriel Popoviciu, he was very vocal about the fact that he had stopped paying Robinson Walker when Joe Biden left the White House, and the reason why he had stopped paying them — and the reason was because he viewed that he no longer had the power or the leverage of the Biden family to — for what he was dealing with in Romania. And he actually asked me, did I know any — did I have any insight on how he potentially could get relationships at the Trump side of the ledger,” Bobulinski said.

The testimony contradicted prior statements by other Hunter Biden associates and raised unanswered questions about the former Vice President’s potentially undisclosed involvement.

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