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Putin Shares His Thoughts On The Tucker Carlson Interview

via Sky News
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Russian President Vladimir Putin shared his thoughts on his recent interview with Tucker Carlson, saying he was surprised Carlson did not ask tougher questions as Putin had wanted.

Throughout the two-hour interview, Putin gave lengthy history lessons to Carlson, taking over 30 minutes to explain Russian history back to the Middle Ages.

“To be honest, I thought he would be more aggressive and ask tough questions,” Putin said. “I was just not prepared for that. I wanted that, because it would have given me the opportunity to respond sharply. Which, in my opinion, would have added certain specificity to the conversation. But he chose a different tactic.”

They also discussed Ukraine, a detained journalist, Nord Stream, and NATO.

While Putin said Carlson listened patiently to his long answers, unlike a typical Western journalist, Putin revealed he did not fully enjoy the interview as Carlson did not give him a chance to respond sharply to tough questions as Putin had prepared for.

“He attempted to interrupt me several times, yet surprisingly, for a Western journalist, he proved patient. Listening to my lengthy replies, especially about history,” Putin said. “And he didn’t give me a chance to do what I was prepared for.”

“So, honestly speaking, I did not fully enjoy that interview,” he said.

Elsewhere, Putin said a Biden victory in 2024 would be better for Russia than a return of Trump, calling Biden more experienced and predictable.

““He is more experienced, more predictable. He is an old school politician,” Putin said regarding Biden. “But we will work with any U.S. president who the American people have confidence in.”

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