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Dem Rep. Phillips: ‘It Appears a Crime Was Committed’ by Biden

via NBC
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Rep. Dean Phillips expressed his belief that President Joe Biden may have committed a crime in handling classified documents, following Biden’s press conference and the special counsel’s report.

Rep. Phillips said the press conference “was sad. And I think for Americans watching a good man, I respect President Biden. I think he’s suffered a lot of tragedy in his life. This has got to be awfully difficult to invoke his son Beau.”

“It appears a crime was committed, but I’ve got to tell you, I felt just like a human watching that and it was sad. And I think most of the country shares that. I think our President should serve out this term. I think he’s able to do so. The fact that he’s running for another one is preposterous. And I think most of the country recognizes that. And frankly, I don’t think it should be politicized. I think we should honor him and we should preserve his legacy and pass the torch in the next election,” explained the presidential candidate.

CNN’s Abby Phillip asked, “You said it appears a crime was committed. Do you believe that Robert Hur should have charged [him]?”

Rep. Phillips answered, “Well, based on what I read, he said there was evidence, but he recognized that, by prosecuting it, they called him an elderly man with a fading memory and would be too sympathetic in front of a jury. And I think there was a lot in that report that was unnecessary. It may be true, but it’s still unnecessary, and it saddens me.”

Phillips emphasized his respect for Biden but questioned the decision for him to run for another term, suggesting it as preposterous and calling for honoring Biden’s legacy and passing the torch in the next election.

He also criticized the unnecessary details in the report and highlighted the self-evident nature of Biden’s memory issues.

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