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Democrat Rep. Says Biden Thinks He Met With Leader Who Died Decades Ago Because He’s So Experienced

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Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) defended President Joe Biden’s occasional confusion regarding world leaders, attributing it to Biden’s extensive 50 years of experience.

He cited instances of other politicians making similar mistakes and emphasized that Biden’s comprehensive understanding of foreign policy should be the focus, rather than nitpicking occasional errors.

“Joe Biden has 50 years of experience. And he may mistake which leader of a particular country is now versus when he was dealing with them at another time,” Goldman said.

Goldman urged the media to avoid sensationalizing such incidents unless they apply the same scrutiny to other political figures.

“I think this is being so overblown, and especially, because what followed from what he said about President Sisi was such a firm mastery and understanding of that entire region, of the conversations with Saudi Arabia relative to normalization and including them in the Abraham Accords. He knew exactly which direction Iran was relative to Saudi Arabia and why Hamas might have been interested.”

“This is someone who has such a firm grasp of foreign policy. And by nitpicking because he obviously mistook Mexico for Egypt…I think is irresponsible, and I think that the media needs to stop playing this up as if it is some major thing, unless you’re also going to do it with Speaker Mike Johnson or anyone else who makes a mistake,” he said.

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