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Families of Alabama Inmates Allege Organs Were removed Without Consent

via ABC
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Families of deceased Alabama inmates have filed a lawsuit alleging that their relatives’ organs were removed without consent.

The initial complaint, filed on behalf of one family, has led to potential class action against the Alabama Department of Corrections and a medical school.

Multiple families have reported missing organs, raising concerns about unauthorized organ removal.

“My brother said, ‘What do you not understand? We do not want to donate him,’” Simone Moore said.

“We feel helpless knowing that they went in his body and removed his organs. That is the most barbaric behavior that anyone could go through. It’s repulsive, it’s disrespectful and we’re outraged.”

“We were driving with my brother’s vital organs – or it could be water, it could be socks. We don’t know, we didn’t open it,” Moore said. “If we have to exhume his body, [they] would be there as they handed it to me.

The lawsuit also highlighted concerns about the use of organs for educational and research purposes.

“It is incomprehensible, inconceivable, that someone would go that far, to take their organs out of their body,” Moore said. “Even if they had a reason — a biopsy or autopsy — why wouldn’t you put them back?”

The situation has sparked a broader discussion about the treatment of inmates and the handling of postmortem procedures.

“They considered it offensive that we would suggest that a warden would not have the best interests of an Alabama inmate in their heart,” one student said. “We never took issue with the performing of the autopsy — that’s a clinical duty. We took issue with the retention of samples after that clinical duty was completed.”

“A panel of medical ethicists has reviewed and endorsed our protocols regarding autopsies conducted [on] incarcerated persons,” one university stated.

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