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Disturbing Allegations Lead To Suspension Of Popular Journalist

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Yascha Mounk, a contributing writer for The Atlantic, has been suspended following a rape accusation made by writer Celeste Marcus.

Marcus wrote, “Exactly four weeks ago I sent [Goldberg] & [LaFrance] the email below telling them my rapist works at [The Atlantic].”

“Mr. Goldberg replied that the allegation was taken extremely seriously. I have not gotten a single update since,” she continued.

“I will not be raped with impunity,” wrote Marcus.

Marcus initially detailed her alleged assault without naming Mounk, but later revealed his identity in an email exchange with The Atlantic’s editors.

Marcus wrote, “I’ve just published in Liberties, where I serve as managing editor, an essay about rape which includes a memoir of my own rape. As you will see from the essay my rapist was a writer who works at a magazine. It has been two and a half years since the rape, and I believe it is past time for you to know that the rapist was Yascha Mounk.”

“You have a rapist on the staff on your illustrious publication. He raped me in my apartment after midnight on June 25, 2021. Believe me, this is not a wild or mischievous allegation. I’m not quite sure how I intend to proceed, but I’m telling you and a few reporters who have expressed interest in the story after contacting me in connection with another, very similar case,” she continued.

Mounk replied, “I am aware of the horrendous allegation against me. It is categorically untrue.”

In response, The Atlantic stated that Mounk is a freelance contributor, not an employee, and that they suspended their relationship with him upon learning of the accusation.

Mounk denied the allegation, while Marcus expressed disappointment in The Atlantic’s handling of the situation, feeling that transparency about actions taken against Mounk was withheld.

Atlantic Communications Chief Anna Bross said, “We are aware of the allegation concerning a freelance contributor to The Atlantic.”

Marcus said, “He chose to withhold transparency about action taken — if any was indeed taken — after my allegation was made.”

“I can hardly overstate how painful that choice was for me. I had prepared myself for the pain an investigation would surely yield, pain which would be mollified by the fact that I would have the opportunity to submit evidence and make my case,” she continued.

“I had not prepared myself to be ignored,” added Marcus.

The situation remains ongoing, with The Atlantic expressing a commitment to following any potential new developments in the matter.

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