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California Could Legalize Medicinal ‘Magic’ Mushrooms

via Bloomberg Quicktake
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California lawmakers introduced a bipartisan bill to permit individuals aged 21 and over to consume psychedelic mushrooms under professional supervision as part of a mental health and substance use crisis response.

The proposal, led by Democrat Sen. Scott Wiener and Republican Assemblymember Marie Waldron, aims to allow supervised consumption of psilocybin, DMT, MDMA, and mescaline.

Wiener said, “We know that Californians are struggling with mental health and addiction challenges, and we know that psychedelics, particularly when combined with therapeutic support, can be a powerful tool to help people get their health back.”

“We know that California veterans and first responders have particularly benefited from these substances, and we know that many more people can as well,” he continued.

The bill aligns with Governor Gavin Newsom’s call for therapeutic guidelines and regulations.

If passed, the legislation would establish a state licensing board to regulate psychedelic therapy services and shift the state’s mental health crisis response away from criminalization.

Proponents believe the bill could help reduce the stigma around psychedelics and create a regulated system for therapeutic use while addressing mental health challenges.

Juliana Mercer, a Marine Corps veteran and a Heroic Hearts Project board member, said, “Through education and through regulation, we’ll be able to take people from doing this underground, where it may not be safe, into a place where they can do it safely.”

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