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Rock Legend Ted Nugent Performs National Anthem For Trucker Convoy, Goes Off On Biden

via The Officer Tatum
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Rock legend Ted Nugent passionately criticized President Joe Biden’s immigration policies at a trucker convoy supporting Texas’s immigration efforts.

Nugent apologized to veterans, law enforcement, and citizens, condemning Biden’s presidency and expressing frustration over the record-breaking migrant influx.

He also defended his right to free speech and protested against FBI involvement in the January 6th events.

“My heart is broke right now,” Nugent said, “and I’d like to start by speaking to all the veterans out there, all the law enforcement officers, and the citizens who took an oath to the sacred Constitution… I’d like to apologize to ‘We the People’ for allowing this piece of s— to get into the White House.”

“This devil snake scum thinks he’s the Commander in Chief of the United States of America? We apologize for being so stupid and for bending over and allowing this to happen,” he said.

“I have an instinctual right to speak my mind… I can protest on January 6th without the FBI causing all that violence,” he added. “I don’t need a permit or a license for my First Amendment.”

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin was present during Nugent’s performance.

The convoy’s peaceful protests and prayer gatherings at the U.S.-Mexico border have sparked criticism, with opponents accusing Texas Governor Greg Abbott of violating the Constitution and fueling anti-immigrant sentiment.

“Greg Abbott has continued to use political stunts and inflammatory language to advance his own agenda, violating the Constitution and endangering both U.S. citizens and asylum seekers,” Rep. Greg Casar wrote on X.

“Abbott is following the Donald Trump playbook: making immigration harder and more dangerous, so asylum seekers are pushed into the hands of cartels and the system remains broken.”

“When Gov. Orval Eugene Faubus did this in 1957, [President] Eisenhower federalized the Arkansas Guard to ensure compliance with the law,” former Rep. Beto O’Rourke wrote. “Biden must follow this example of bold, decisive leadership to end this crisis before it gets worse.”

Governor Abbott, on the other hand, views the situation as an “invasion,” leading to a legal standoff with the Department of Homeland Security.

House Republicans plan to impeach Secretary Mayorkas over alleged constitutional negligence.

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