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Pablo Escobar’s huge herd of hippos are still terrorizing years after cocaine king’s death

via BBC Earth
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Pablo Escobar’s introduction of hippos to Colombia has led to a population explosion, with almost 200 hippos now roaming the country.

This has resulted in environmental and safety concerns, as the hippos are aggressive and pose a threat to the ecosystem.

The government is considering sterilization, relocation, and euthanization to control the population and mitigate the environmental impact.

Colombian environmental minister Susana Muhamad, wrote in a statement, “We are in a race against time in terms of permanent environmental and ecosystem impacts.”

“It could not be said that a single strategy is effective for our objective, which is to control the population. We seek to implement this plan in the shortest possible time, precisely so that the impacts cease,” he continued.

Fox News has covered the issue in a documentary called “The Drug Lord’s Hippos.”

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