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Joe Rogan Blasts US Culture For ‘Demonizing’ Blue-Collar Work

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Joe Rogan and his guest, Tim Kennedy, discussed the undervaluation of blue-collar work in the U.S., emphasizing the financial and personal freedom that comes with owning a business in trades like electrician work.

They highlighted the potential for substantial earnings and the increasing appeal of apprenticeships over traditional college education, which is declining in enrollment and burdened by significant student loan debt.

“It’s very bizarre that we’ve somehow or another demonized blue-collar work and put white-collar work on a pedestal whereas, like, the freedom comes from owning your own business,” Rogan said. “That’s real freedom.”

“You want to be the richest person on the planet right now? In Austin? Be in construction. Be an electrician. Be a plumber,” Kennedy said. “$200,000 — average income of a good electrician here in Austin.”

“You go to two years of trade school to become an electrician, right? You spend a year and a half, two, as an apprentice. And then you go and you start working for a couple of years for a guy that owns a shop. You go and start your own — your electrician business? It’s going to be worth $10 million in three years here in Austin,” he said.

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