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Hawley Blasts Zuckerberg for Censoring Conservatives While Overlooking Child Predators

via Forbes Breaking News
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Senator Josh Hawley criticized Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg for failing to address the exploitation of children on social media.

Hawley accused Zuckerberg of being aware of the issue and urged him to take responsibility.

“He absolutely knows what’s going on,” said Hawley.

“So what he should have said to the families is, ‘I’m so sorry for what we’ve done, and we will do better’. And the way they’re going to do better is they’ll hold themselves accountable,” he continued.

Hawley said, “If you question the Hunter Biden laptop, they shut you down. But yet they can’t lift a finger to take sex predators off their platform? I don’t buy it.”

“They’re not focused on sex predators, they’re focused on suppressing speech. They’ve got it exactly backwards,” Hawley continued.

“That starts with Chris Wray: He’s got to go. Mark Zuckerberg, he should be on the hook personally. It’s time to get these people actually focused on working for us, being responsible and doing the right thing,” concluded the senator.

He also highlighted the alleged censorship of conservative voices on the platform and called for action to combat sexual predators.

Concerns were also raised by Hawley about Meta’s role in cases of exploitation, with calls for greater accountability and focus on protecting children.

Hawley also criticized the FBI for prioritizing political matters over combating sex crimes.

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