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Diplomatic Crisis: Biden Admin Contemplates ‘Ultimate Betrayal’ of Israel, Raising Alarms

via 10 Tampa Bay
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The potential consideration by the Biden Administration to recognize Palestine as a sovereign state has caused a great stir in D.C., a move that is highly sensitive internationally and domestically.

Secretary of State Tony Blinken “asked the State Department to conduct a review and present policy options on possible U.S. and international recognition of a Palestinian state after the war in Gaza.”

The potential shift has been met with strong opposition, particularly from those who view it as a betrayal of Israel and a reward for terrorism, especially in light of recent violent attacks by Hamas.

Critics argued that such a move would embolden terrorists and send the wrong message.

This “would be a huge mistake, a betrayal of Israel & make things much more complicated to achieve something real down the road that could benefit everyone… It will make an intransigent Palestinian leadership in Ramallah even moreso, and embolden Hamas & other terrorists to continue their bloody rampage,” former adviser to President Donald Trump Jason D. Greenblatt wrote on X.

“This is disgusting. It is the apotheosis of a foreign policy obsessed with legitimizing and appeasing bad actors under the assumption that the good guys must always give way. This is the worst possible signal imaginable: commit acts of savagery, and the world gives you a treat,” another X user wrote.

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