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Cowboys Owner Sparks Speculation About Potentially Hiring Bill Belichick In The Future

via CBS
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Bill Belichick’s potential coaching position with the Dallas Cowboys seems uncertain.

While Jerry Jones expressed admiration for Belichick and suggested they could work well together, he also reiterated support for the current head coach, Mike McCarthy.

Despite the Cowboys’ recent playoff struggles, Jones seemed hesitant to commit to a coaching change.

“I know him personally and I like him,” Jones said. “There’s no doubt in my mind we could work together. None. None.”

“We all know that he’s certainly excellent, maybe at the top of his profession,” Jones said. “To say that any one person automatically assures you a Super Bowl is ridiculous. That’s too high [an] expectation for him. But is he maybe the greatest pro football coach of all time? Could very well be.

“He is a friend and I like him and I want to make real clear: I wouldn’t have any problem working with him,” he said.

“I thought we made a pretty good move four years ago when we hired Mike McCarthy, and he’s had some great in-season success,” Jones said. “Now he’s come up short three times and advanced us in the playoff. But I like that fact that’s he’s hanging around the rim, and I like what the team has done to hang around the rim.”

“So, I think, what the answer that I would have is, that I’m aware that we’re hanging around the rim. We’re not getting the ball in but when you hang around the rim — let’s don’t discount hanging around the rim — where we are right now with the players we’ve got, and I’m thinking about it from the whole look,” Jones said.

While Belichick may become available in the future, the situation remains unclear, and it seems unlikely that he will join the Cowboys imminently.

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