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Ted Cruz Lambasts Supreme Court for Aligning with Biden on Texas Border Issue

via Fox News
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Sen. Ted Cruz criticized the U.S. Supreme Court for siding with the Biden administration in a decision to allow the removal of razor wire placed by Texas along the border with Mexico.

Cruz expressed anger and concern over the decision, attributing it to the Court’s left-wing justices and Justices John Roberts and Amy Coney Barrett.

Cruz said, “Look, this is a horrible decision. I’m angry about it.”

“It is deeply disturbing. Fact number one: we are seeing an invasion at our southern border — 9.6 million illegal immigrants have crossed in under Joe Biden. It is deliberate. He wants this to happen. It is the worst illegal immigration in our nation’s history,” he continued.

“There is a heavy presumption in Washington, in federal courts, which is that the federal government gets to trump the states,” he explained.

“And that is part of the Constitution is the supremacy clause that says the Constitution, the federal laws, are the supreme law of the land. I think it is a real problem that John Roberts is a creature of Washington. I don’t think he understands what is happening at the southern border. I think Amy Coney Barrett is a law professor from Indiana. I don’t think she has any understanding of what’s happening at the southern border,” said Cruz.

“What I don’t think the justices have a real appreciation for is how horrifically bad it is, how lawless it is, what the Biden administration is doing,” claimed the senator.

He accused the Biden administration of deliberately fostering the worst illegal immigration in the nation’s history and criticized the justices for not understanding the severity of the situation at the southern border.

“There’s never been a president who refuses to follow the law like Joe Biden did,” he added.

Cruz asserted that the administration wants the ongoing immigration crisis and has no intention of addressing it.

Cruz claimed, “He wants more illegal immigrants. And I said, for Pete’s sakes, Biden is actively litigating against the state of Texas, to stop Texas from securing the border. That’s what they want.”

“They want this invasion. And that’s exactly what the Biden administration is doing, with the emphatic support of essentially every Democrat member of the Senate and every Democrat member of the House,” he continued.

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