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FBI Tied January 6 Pipe Bomber To Metro Card Of Ex-Gov Official, But Blocked Interview Of Him, Former Agent Says

via CBS News
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A former FBI agent alleged that the Bureau quickly identified a person linked to the planting of pipe bombs at the Democrat National Committee and the Republican National Committee, but was prevented from interviewing the suspect and was pulled off the lead.

The case raises questions about the pipe bombs, the most violent aspect of the January 6 protests, which have received little attention.

The agent, Kyle Seraphin, described how the FBI traced the suspect using a Metro fare card and a license plate, but his team was then told to focus on low-priority leads.

Seraphin said, “Allegedly someone threw bombs around the Capitol which could have killed congressmen or a busload of nuns or anything, and the answer is you can’t follow this guy around — you have to go to headquarters and read ‘leads’ where someone said ‘I might’ve went to high school with some guy that was standing around the Capitol?’”

“They found people based on their earlobes that were hanging out by a flagpole,” he continued.

“They can do telephonic capture and triangulate your phone in real-time… The bureau is far too competent to fail this,” explained Seraphin.

“When they had the World Trade Center bombing in ‘93 they went under four stories of rubble and were able to find a partial VIN number that they used to track it down to the people responsible. And you’re telling me you had a pristine, non-detonated bomb and they couldn’t find anything on it?” he added.

The FBI’s handling of the case has raised concerns about its approach and the lack of attention given to the investigation.

Steve D’Antuono, the former head of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, said, “People like Kyle Seraphin and others that are not a case agent, have no knowledge of the case, have no knowledge of what happened in the case, he also made another accusation too that there was an individual with a Metro card. My understanding is all that was chased down. There was a lead that was chased down, but he says that we didn’t chase it down.”

He told Congress, “I saw the same kitchen timer as you. I agree. I don’t know when they were supposed to go off. Maybe they weren’t supposed to go off.”

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