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Joe Biden Roasted for Wearing Hardhat Backwards When Meeting with Union Workers

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President Biden was criticized online for wearing a hardhat backwards while meeting with union workers in Wisconsin.

The photo, posted by Sen. Amy Klobuchar, showed Biden with his arms around two union workers, wearing the hardhat backwards.

Sen. Klobuchar added, “Nothing like having a beer with some great union workers and ⁦yes, that would be @JoeBiden⁩ in Superior, Wisconsin.”

Critics mocked the incident, with Rep. Matt Gaetz joking about a staffer being fired and others questioning Biden’s authenticity.

Rep. Matt Gaetz wrote, “Somewhere a staffer is updating their resume….”

Citizen Free Press posted, “Joe Biden wearing a hardhat backward while trying to be ‘one of the guys’ is so on brand.”

“Biden having the hardhat on backwards really sells the ‘I’m middle class Joe and one of you’ authenticity,” commented another user.

Former Trump official Michael Caputo, wrote, “Labor Leaders v Actual Labor”

“All the working men around Biden knew he put the hardhat on backwards and didn’t tell him. None of Biden’s staff realized because they all have Women’s Studies degrees. The greatest troll job ever!” he exclaimed.

“Joe Biden claims he’s the most pro-labor/pro-union president, ever! Yet, somehow he managed to put a hardhat on backwards,” highlighted another user.

Biden’s attempt to tout middle-class credentials during a speech in Wisconsin was also mentioned.

Biden claimed, “I was raised in a household where there were — we had three-bedroom — it was a nice home — three-bedroom split-level home in a new development of 40 homes in suburbia with four — four kids and a grandpop living with us. And — but trickle-down economics didn’t trickle down much on my ga- — dad’s kitchen table.”

A Gallup poll published Thursday showed Biden with the worst approval rating of any president in his third year since Jimmy Carter.

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