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Van Jones: There Are Jobs in the Black Community, But ‘They’re Crappy’

via CNN
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CNN Senior Political Commentator Van Jones expressed skepticism about the quality of job numbers in the black community, noting that while there are good employment figures, the jobs themselves are not of high quality.

He highlighted the disparity between facts and feelings, suggesting that people’s perceptions may differ from the statistical data.

Jones mentioned that he believes abortion will be a significant issue for Democrats.

“[T]he Biden team has constantly tried to make the pitch on the economy that, look, if you look at the topline numbers, it’s great, it’s defying all expectations and people responding to pollsters say, no, it’s not, not at all. We completely disagree. Although, in the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen a shift in consumer sentiment,” Phil Mattingly said.

“The University of Michigan survey popped 13 points in January. That was very unexpected. You saw the Dow hit a new record. You’ve spoken rather eloquently about the issues here that they face on the economy. Do you think things are turning?”

“It’s just hard to know. And facts and feelings are very different, people keep telling me, well, you’ve got great employment numbers in the black community and aren’t you happy? And I was like, yeah, but they’re crappy jobs,” Jones said.

“How do people feel is going to be a lot different than what the numbers are.”

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