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Transgender Golfer Hailey Davidson Agrees Men Have Physical Advantages Over Women, But Points To 1 Difference

via WKMG
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Transgender golfer Hailey Davidson discussed the differences between competing against women and trans competitors on “Good Morning Britain.”

She acknowledged the physical advantages men have but emphasized that her capabilities have changed significantly since transitioning.

NXXT Golf CEO supported the organization’s transgender inclusion policies but acknowledged the debate on fairness.

“My whole philosophy behind all of this is I don’t believe trans people should be banned from sports, but I do believe there needs to be guidelines in effect,” Davidson said. “Going back even four years ago or even before I had surgery, I definitely had an advantage. I would 100% agree with that.”

“But the difference is now that years have gone on, three years after surgery, my physical capabilities now compared to back then are night and day. So again, honestly, I 100% agree that men do have advantages. Say you get a trans person on hormones for a year or no surgery nothing… of course, for the most part, yeah they’re gonna have an advantage.”

“We understand that this topic evokes strong feelings and diverse viewpoints,” NXXT Golf CEO Stuart McKinnon said. “We encourage constructive dialogue and respect for all athletes who strive to compete at the highest levels of their sport.”

“We are committed to upholding the highest standards of the sport, supporting our players’ aspirations, and fostering a respectful and inclusive atmosphere that embraces innovative changes. We appreciate the passion and commitment of our golfing community and remain dedicated to providing a platform that upholds the integrity of women’s professional golf.”

“We want to assure the public and all stakeholders that we are dedicated to transparency and thoroughness in addressing this matter. As we continue to gather and analyze more information, we commit to providing further updates when they become available and relevant. Our focus remains steadfast on diligently working to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information is shared,” Stuart said.

Davidson won the NXXT Women’s Classic and addressed criticism on social media.

The league will poll its players and conduct additional testing to ensure compliance with guidelines.

“It’s always interesting how no one gets angry until there is any form of success,” Davidson wrote online. “While this win was amazing, unlike every article is saying, I am so incredibly far from the LPGA Tour with a lot of work to be done to possibly earn my way there one day. I will never allow hate to win, especially when based in some misinformation.”

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