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Single Man Records Woman’s Viral Reaction At Date: ‘Feminist Until It’s Time To Split The Bill’

via TikTok
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A man, known as “Water Boy” on TikTok, faced criticism after a video of his date went viral.

He asked to split the bill on a first date with a girl he met on Tinder, leading to a heated debate.

The girl was upset, believing he should pay since he asked her out.

“You ask her out bro, you pay,” one highly liked comment read.

“If you want to be friends only just tell her that,” another read.


I dont even know her and she wanted to split the bill??? After SHE ordered an appetizer that i didnt want!! THIS is what its like dating in MIAMI smh. I gotta move somewhere else, these girls are ENTITLED.

♬ original sound – Water Boy

“Bruh, don’t ever date,” one user wrote.

The man argued that women should embrace equality and independence, including financial responsibility.

He feels women no longer embody traditional gender roles and questions what they offer besides physical appearance.

He emphasized that modern women should be willing to share financial responsibilities in dating.

“Women are only feminists until it comes to certain things that they don’t want to do,” the TikToker said. “Everybody’s a feminist until it’s time to split the bill.”

“I personally don’t agree. And to me, it’s a form of entitlement.”

“It’s 2024. Women are very independent. [They often say], ‘I don’t need no man. I can take care of myself. I can do this, this, this.’ And so, OK, fine, fair. You don’t need no man. Whatever. So pay your half. Wouldn’t that make sense?” he said.

“Women now are not the same,” he said. “They don’t want to clean. And now and on top of that they want support financially.”

“So now that the man is taking care of all of these things, what exactly do you offer me besides being a pretty face, besides being, ‘Oh, she’s hot, she’s bad, she’s got a nice body. Whatever. What can you offer me? And so that’s basically where I’m at nowadays.”

“I’ve seen a lot of women mad about paying the bill. You guys don’t understand. This is not back in the day where women are the prize anymore. You guys don’t understand that yet,” he said. “Meanwhile, in my opinion, the date went really well. We were laughing. It wasn’t awkward, it flowed naturally. Why was the date so heavily weighed on who pays at the end?”

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