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Chilling Discovery Of Hamas Rocket Production Complex: IDF Report

via The Times
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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) uncovered an underground weapons manufacturing complex built by Hamas beneath the main humanitarian corridor in the Gaza Strip.

The complex included tunnels, workshops, and shafts connected to humanitarian infrastructure.

The IDF destroyed weapons factories and lathes used by Hamas to produce ammunition and weapons, as well as exposed workshops for weapon production and tunnel shafts near civilian buildings.

“The 36th Division, in cooperation with soldiers of the Yahalom and Shaldag units, exposed and destroyed the heart of Hamas’ weapons manufacturing industry near the Salah Al-Din Road in the Gaza Strip. The area consists of weapons factories and lathes, both above and below ground, that were used to produce ammunition and weapons for Hamas operatives,” the IDF stated.

“The soldiers located dozens of tunnel shafts connected to a tunnel route hundreds of kilometers long, including a tunnel shaft in the residence of a senior official in Hamas’ weapons production unit. The tunnels were divided into areas used for the production of rockets and weapons. Using the tunnel network, weapons were transported throughout the Gaza Strip.”

“In Maghazi, near and inside civilian buildings, soldiers of the Golani Brigade exposed dozens of workshops for the production of weapons and tunnel shafts, including large quantities of weaponry and equipment. Between Nuseirat and Bureij, soldiers of the 188th Brigade located machines and containers for the production of chemical substances, along with hundreds of long-range rockets,” they wrote.

“In addition, the ‘Yiftah’ Brigade combat team conducted operational activity against terrorist infrastructure of Hamas’ Bureij Battalion. The Hamas terrorists embedded this infrastructure in and near civilian buildings and government institutions, further proving Hamas’ cynical use of the civilian population. The soldiers located terrorist funds in safes, propaganda materials, maps and weapons in the area.”

The IDF has largely destroyed Hamas’s infrastructure in the northern and central areas of the Gaza Strip, but fighting continues in southern Gaza, where Hamas leaders have retreated into underground tunnels.

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