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Top Doctors In Transgender Field Admit Puberty Blockers Aren’t So ‘Reversible’

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Top pediatricians involved in promoting gender ideology have expressed concerns about the reversibility of puberty blockers, as revealed in videos from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s (WPATH) educational sessions.

Dr. Scott Leibowitz, a WPATH board member, highlighted the invasive nature of puberty blockers and the physiological need for hormones.

“I think when we just say, ‘Oh puberty blockers are just reversible and it’s a very noninvasive treatment,’ I would say it’s more invasive than often times the media makes it out to be or other people,” said Leibowitz.

“There’s challenges with puberty suppression that we have to acknowledge and that’s why it’s ‘reversible asterisks,’” he continued.

“One cannot be on puberty suppression endlessly. You get to a place where physiologically, we need hormones,” he added.

“We don’t rely on evidence for every single treatment we do in medicine,” explained Leibowitz.

Dr. Daniel Metzger, a WPATH-certified pediatric endocrinologist, discussed the potential impact of puberty blockers on calcium accrual in bones and the need for further research on brain development and fertility.

Dr. Metzger said, “Normally puberty is the time of putting the calcium into your piggy bank. This is how I explain it to families. You’ve got a piggy bank for your calcium and you better get it all in by 25 because at 25 you’re going to live off that piggy bank.”

“The puberty blockers slow that calcium accrual back into the bones quite a bit, back to the prepubertal level. We do know that even if you look at people now age 22, if you’ve done all of this and you’ve gone off and then you go back on the hormones that you want to have, you have not caught up by age 22. Which is about the time you need to fill up your piggy bank. This is a concern that not everybody is getting their piggy bank completely filled up with calcium,” continued Metzger.

“Obviously teenagers, their brains are changing. They’re unwiring, they’re rewiring. And if we’ve started one kid unwiring and half rewiring, and then we changed their puberty the other way and we’re unwiring, people have been trying to figure out what this does for kids’ brains,” he continued.

“They seem to do reasonably the same as their friends, but we’re not looking at their IQ and their learning ability and lots of other things,” he added.

“Kids have zero idea about their fertility,” said Metzger.

Both puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones carry serious health risks, including bone density issues, sexual dysfunction, infertility, and other complications.

The growing number of minors identifying as transgender has raised concerns about the medical treatment recommended by WPATH.

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