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Argentine Leader Drops Shocking Truths On Davos Elites’ Shift To Socialism

via Bloomberg Television
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New Argentine President Javier Milei criticized Western elites at the World Economic Forum, warning about the dangers of collectivism and socialism.

His speech resonated with conservatives, who praised his stance against leftist ideologies.

Many expressed admiration for Milei’s bold message, likening his approach to that of former President Trump.

“Today I’m here to tell you that the Western world is in danger. And it is in danger because those who are supposed to have defended the values of the West are co-opted by a vision of the world that inevitably leads to socialism and thereby to poverty,” Milei said.

“Unfortunately, in recent decades, motivated by some well-meaning individuals willing to help others, and others motivated by the wish to belong to a privileged caste, the main leaders of the Western world have abandoned the model of freedom for different versions of what we call collectivism,” he added.

“We’re here to tell you that collectivist experiments are never the solution to the problems that afflict the citizens of the world, rather they are the root cause.”

“Do believe me, no one [is] in a better place than us Argentines to testify to these two points,” he added.

“Why can’t we get a guy like this in America? This is supposed to be our thing,” Frank Fleming wrote.

“A Great leader,” actor Robert Davi said.

“Javier Milei drops truth bombs just like Trump. Gotta love it and what it means at the very least for the people of Argentina,” Paul Szypula wrote.

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