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CNN’s Foreman: ‘Misleading’ to Say NYC Closed School for Illegals Because It Was Only for One Day

via Forbes Breaking News
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CNN Correspondent Tom Foreman criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for claiming that New York closed a school to house illegal immigrants, calling it “misleading.”

Foreman clarified that the school was only closed for one day due to a storm, and the students returned to the classroom the next day.

He argued that DeSantis’ implication of a permanent takeover was at the very least misleading.

“A few days ago, something else happened in New York that seems to be a gift to many people on the conservative right. What they saw was what they thought was a case of liberals catering to undocumented immigrants,” Foreman said.

“New York City had to close a school. You literally have kids told, don’t go to school, because they commandeered the school to be able to house illegal aliens. Talk about putting the American people last,” DeSantis had stated.

“Well, that sounds like a pretty explosive claim. But here’s what happened: Last week, as a big storm approached, they had a camp of undocumented immigrants, a couple thousand of them, living in tents. They were worried about the impact of the storm,” Foreman said.

“So, they moved them into a school, and they had the students study from home for one day. Yes, this made a lot of parents angry, people complained about it. But the next day, the immigrants were back in the tents and the students were back in the classroom. For him to imply somehow that the school was taken over and this was some sort of permanent situation, is, at very least, misleading.”

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