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Lawmakers Struggle To Grasp Alleged ‘Interdimensional’ Nature of UFOs

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Lawmakers are delving into the possibility of UFO cover-ups, leading to bipartisan hearings and discussions about unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs).

Allegations of government secrecy and lack of transparency have fueled suspicions, with claims of encounters with extraterrestrial life and interdimensional entities.

While progress has been made in understanding these claims, the sensitivity and complexity of the subject have left lawmakers and officials cautious about publicly disclosing information. (Trending: Bombshell J6 Footage Raises Questions About Pelosi’s Team)

The discussion also touched on the language used to describe these phenomena, suggesting that the truth about UAPs may be more intricate than previously imagined.

“Stonewalled once again,” Rep. Tim Burchett said of lawmakers’ meeting over the matter.

“I just wasted time,” Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi said. “I’m more concerned than I was going in.”

“There’s a concerted effort to conceal as much information as possible,” Rep. Andy Ogles added.

“They send us bureaucrats who don’t know on purpose,” Rep. Glenn Grothman pressed.

“This meeting, unlike the one we had previously … actually moved the needle,” Rep. Jared Moskowitz said. “This is the first time we kind of got a ruling on what the IG (inspector general) thinks of those claims.”

“This is the first real briefing that we’ve had that we’ve now made — I would say — progress on some of the claims Mr. Grusch has made,” he added.

“We got some pretty definitive stuff,” said Burchett. “It just verified what I thought.”

“Is this something that bends time and space,” Rep. Anna Paulina Luna was asked.

“He said interdimensional. He refused to use certain terms,” Luna said.

“I think it’s incredibly important to listen to the specific words that Grusch uses,” Luna added. “He never said extraterrestrial or alien.”

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