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Viral Clip Shows Shia LeBeouf Revealing How He Found God

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Shia LaBeouf, a Hollywood actor who recently converted to Catholicism, discussed his journey to finding God in a recent interview.

He expressed how his previous beliefs in art, love, and personal effort made it hard for him to believe in God, but when his plans failed and he faced serious consequences, he felt deep shame and guilt.

This led him to seek change and find hope in Christianity, especially after witnessing others with similar experiences finding salvation. (Trending: Trump Responds To Biden’s Bombing In Yemen)

“My opinion about God before my world had crumbled was art, love and God, they all mean the same thing. They’re synonymous. And I had also been told my whole life, your life is your life. You have to make with it what you can, you know, you got to be a good guy and then you got to get married and then you got to get a house and you got to get a job and do good at your job,” said Labeouf.

“And like your life is your life and things will work out if you put effort in. And I always really felt that. And it made it hard to believe in God because it felt like my managerial skills are what are going to amount to a fulfilled existence,” he continued.

“When all of my Designs failed when all of my plans went out the window when my life had led to serious Infliction of pain and damage on other people I threw up my hands like, ‘my plans are garbage,’” explained the actor.

“Though the news that had come out has been like, I’ve been abusive to women and I’ve been shooting dogs and I’ve been willingly giving women STDs and like there’s it’s disgusting. It’s depraved I felt deep shame deep guilt shame like I had never experienced before,” he recalled.

He also mentioned feeling invited to let go and finding hope in the gospel.

“It was seeing other people who would sin beyond anything I could even conceptualize also being found in Christ that made me feel like ‘okay, well that that gives me hope,” said LaBeouf.

“I started hearing experiences of other like depraved people who had found their way in this the gospel. It gave me this, this invite to just let go. I came from the school of God helps those who helps themselves,” he added.

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