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Behar Warns of Media’s Role in Political Landscape

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On “The View,” Joy Behar criticized NBC host Kristen Welker for not being tough enough on Rep. Elise Stefanik during an interview on “Meet the Press,” where Stefanik referred to January 6 participants as “hostages.”

Behar and co-host Sunny Hostin felt Welker didn’t challenge Stefanik’s language.

The hosts have been critical of Welker’s previous interviews, particularly her interview with Trump. (Trending: Clintons Scramble To Delete Embarrassing Photo, But Were Too Slow)

Behar said, “What I wish is that the media would take these people on.”

“I’m watching ‘Meet the Press’ with that annoying Stefanik woman, calling these insurrectionists on January 6 hostages. Okay, they were there voluntarily, they’re not hostages,” she continued.

“I mean come on, if you don’t confront these people on their lies in the media, we will lose this,” added Behar.

“They ought to release the J6 hostages. They’ve suffered,” said Trump.

“I call them hostages. Some people call them prisoners. I call them hostages. Release the J6 hostages, Joe. Release them Joe. You can do it real easy, Joe,” continued the former president.

“Well, I voted not to certify the state of Pennsylvania because, as we saw in Pennsylvania and other states across the country, that there was unconstitutional acts circumventing the state legislature and unilaterally changing election law,” replied Rep. Stefanik.

Co-host Ana Navarro said, “I wish she had not done a Trump interview as her first one. Because I think nobody ever wins with a Trump interview. Nobody looks good because it’s just, like – it’s like interviewing an insane person. Actually, it is interviewing an insane person. Take off the mic.”

Co- host Sunny Hostin criticized CNN’s Kaitlin Collins’ interview with Trump, saying, “I don’t think that she was prepared. I don’t think he should have been given a platform. I was wondering when he was going to be fact-checked in real time.”

They also expressed concerns about other media outlets giving platforms to Trump without proper fact-checking.

Some hosts praised Welker’s interviewing skills, while others felt she and other hosts should have been more prepared and critical when interviewing Trump.

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