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AOC Pressed On NYC Placing Illegal Immigrants In High School: ‘Not In My District’

via CBS
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Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez brushed off a question about New York City using a high school as a shelter for illegal immigrants, stating it’s not in her district and emphasizing the need to find an appropriate facility.

The decision to move around 2,000 illegal immigrants to James Madison High School prompted criticism from parents, students, and politicians, leading to early school closures and remote learning.

The move was part of the city’s response to a storm and a broader effort to house illegal immigrants. (Trending: Bombshell UFO Footage Released To The Public)

Concerns were raised about the impact on students, school environment, and local residents, with some expressing frustration over the use of public schools for emergency housing.

“Are you okay with the school being used as a shelter?” AOC was asked.

“You know, I think it’s uh — again, this is not in my district,” she answered.

“I think it’s very clear here that what’s most important is that we identify a facility that’s appropriate for these folks,” she added. “I don’t anticipate this being a long-term solution. It shouldn’t be a long-term solution.”

“Are you okay with a school being used as a shelter?” she was pressed.

“It’s not in my district,” she said again.

“I do believe they are putting the life of people who are here illegally and not documented over my life. I am a 15-year-old girl at the school who wants to get her education and better her life, and she can’t come to school today because the day was interrupted by people who aren’t supposed to be here,” one student said.

“Our public schools are meant to be places of learning and growth for our children, and were never intended to be shelters or facilities for emergency housing,” NYC Republican Councilwoman Inna Vernikov said.

“There are approximately 4,000 students who attend Madison High School. Their parents are rightfully concerned. Our constituents who live in the vicinity are concerned for their safety and wellbeing. This will agitate local residents, disrupt the entire school environment, and place a tremendous burden on our families, students, school administrators and staff.”

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