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Police Force Under Fire: ‘It Embarrasses Them In How Much Theft Occurs Without Consequence’

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Police in Quebec warned citizens against posting surveillance footage of package theft, citing potential violation of thieves’ privacy.

The local police urged people to report theft to authorities instead of sharing images independently, as it could lead to defamation charges.

“Montreal West is known for its large porches, but around the holidays, those porches are a big target for thieves or ‘porch pirates,’” CTV News Montreal’s Olivia O’Malley said. (Trending: Fauci’s COVID Missteps Are Coming Back To Haunt Him)

“’It’s something we deal with on a daily basis,’ Lauren Small-Pennefather said.

“You have people that are following the vehicles, and when they see a parcel that’s dropped off, they then go and take the parcel if nobody comes to the door to retrieve the parcel,” Small-Pennefather added

This advice sparked criticism, with some expressing disbelief and frustration at the potential legal consequences for sharing home security footage of theft.

“You cannot post the images yourself because you have to remember, in Canada, we have a presumption of innocence and posting that picture could be a violation of private life,” SQ communications officer Lt. Benoit Richard said.

“If you get some proof that somebody might have stolen something, call the police, give that proof to the police,” he added.

“We’ll do the investigation, bring that person to justice and file some charges.”

“It’s 2024, so of course the police care more about criminals than victims of crime,” Canadian journalist Ezra Levant said.

“The Quebec police are saying this because it embarrasses them in how much theft occurs without consequence,” conservative Chris Tomlinson wrote.

“Report it to them, and they’ll file it away and pretend it never happened.”

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