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Donald Trump Claims Every Arab Country, Including ‘Possibly’ Iran, Would Have Signed Abraham Accords If Biden Was Not President

via Washington Post
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Former President Donald Trump believes that if the 2020 election had a different outcome and he remained in office, true peace in the Middle East was possible.

He claimed that under his administration, several Arab nations joined the Abraham Accords, normalizing relations with Israel, and argued that more countries, possibly including Iran, were on the verge of joining.

Trump criticized President Biden’s approach, stating that no new countries have joined the accords during Biden’s presidency and that the region has destabilized. (Trending: Trump Defies Court And Delivers Closing Argument At Civil Fraud Trial)

He also accused Biden of being compromised due to financial ties with foreign countries, particularly China, and questioned his handling of foreign policy.

“You would have had every country sign, including possibly Iran, into the Abraham Accords if the election wasn’t rigged,” Trump said.

“By this time, you would have had every country—Saudi Arabia, and maybe even Iran—signed.”

“Iran, as you know, was broke with me. Now, they’ve got $250 billion,” Trump added. “I’m not even talking about the $6 billion and the $10 billion. They have $250 billion now, but they were broke. There was no money for Hamas, no money for Hezbollah.”

“It [the October 7 attack on Israel] never would have happened,” Trump said. “We would have taken much more decisive action if it did. I don’t understand these people.”

“We say this guy [Biden] is vicious but he’s not vicious against all these countries,” Trump said.

“I think he’s a Manchurian candidate. These countries have given him so much money, it’s almost like he’s taken money from the whole world. The way he’s handling China is so ridiculous that it must be that he’s compromised. There could be no other reason other than that he’s compromised.”

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