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Donald Trump Jr. Slams NY Judge For ‘Banana Republic Stuff’

via CBS
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Donald Trump Jr. criticized Judge Arthur Engoron’s ruling that barred former President Donald Trump from delivering his own closing argument in his civil fraud trial in New York, stating that it reflects the erosion of rights in the country.

Trump Jr. accused Democrats of trampling on the constitution and civil rights, expressing concern about their aggressive tactics and the potential impact on the legal system.

He also mentioned the controversy surrounding Fani Willis, the district attorney in Atlanta, and alleged inappropriate conduct involving legal fees and relationships. (Trending: Anthony Fauci Questioned About Evidence Behind COVID Restrictions)

Donald Trump Jr. said, “Consistent with the theme of third world, Banana Republic stuff, you’re not allowed to defend yourself. I’m under a gag order, I’m not even allowed to comment on these things, I think.”

“That ruling by itself tells anyone watching what is happening to our republic, the rights that we believed we had. For the Democrats and for Democratic activists, it’s just all a soundbite,” he continued.

“It’s something … they laugh about as they trample our constitution, as they trample our civil rights on a daily basis. It’s about results for them, and they play the game much more viciously and much more aggressively than anyone on the Republican side and that’s also why they fear Donald Trump so much because they’re worried that he will dismantle the system that has allowed them to be able to get away with this sort of insanity all over the place,” explained Trump Jr..

“You saw what happened in Atlanta with Fani Willis, the district attorney outside of Atlanta,” Trump Jr. said.

“So, she’s paying an outside lawyer who she apparently allegedly happens to be sleeping with, $654,000, then goes on lavish vacations with him. He’s then meeting Biden’s White House counsel at the White House. Of course, they’re not coordinating. I’m sure this is all totally above board. It never ends,” charged the former president’s son.

“You can’t make this stuff up,” he added.

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