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Senators Introduce Bill To Bar States From Using Federal Dollars To Subsidize Health Care For Illegal Immigrants

via NBC News
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Senator Bill Cassidy introduced the “Protect Medicaid Act” to prevent federal funding from being used to subsidize state health care programs for illegal immigrants.

The bill aims to stop federal money from being spent on providing health benefits to unauthorized immigrants and requires states to fund such benefits on their own.

Co-sponsors include Sens. Marsha Blackburn, John Barrasso, Roger Wicker, and Cindy Hyde-Smith. (Trending: Clintons Scramble To Delete Embarrassing Photo, But Were Too Slow)

The legislation also mandates a report on states that fund health care for illegal immigrants.

Proponents argue that such programs are unfair and incentivize more illegal immigration, potentially jeopardizing the care of American citizens.

The bill “prohibits federal money from being spent on administering state Medicaid benefits paid for by American citizens to noncitizens. If a state chooses to give Medicaid benefits to illegal residents, the bill ensures that state does so entirely on its own dime, without any costs to taxpayers in other states,” Cassidy’s office wrote.

“Medicaid for migrants is a magnet for more illegal immigration,” Cassidy said.

“This is terrible public policy for California citizens who depend on Medicaid, middle-class families paying taxes, and state debt. Taking care of the most vulnerable Americans should be our priority.”

“Attempting to provide health care to everyone around the globe for free is not possible or feasible. Compassion that cannot be sustained is not compassion.”

The bill comes in the context of a surge of illegal immigration at the U.S. southern border and concerns about the financial impact of illegal immigration on taxpayers.

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