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Comer: Hunter’s Art Dealer Reveals More WH Lies

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Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., leading the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, revealed that Hunter Biden’s art dealer,George Berges, testified that he had no contact with the White House about ethical guidelines, contradicting the White House’s public statements.

The art dealer also disclosed that Hunter Biden knew the identities of 70% of the art buyers, despite the White House’s assurance that he wouldn’t be informed.

The Oversight Committee highlighted that Democrat donors, including Hunter Biden’s confidante, purchased the majority of his art, raising concerns about potential access-selling and ethical violations. (Trending: Fox News Star Accused Of Major Scandal)

Rep. Comer said, “Jen Psaki went to the podium at a [July 2021] press conference and told the American people that they had put in place guidelines to ensure that no ethics lines would be crossed.”

“But what we heard today when we brought Berges in … he said he has never communicated with anyone from the White House. He doesn’t know anything about any ethics [guidelines],” he continued.

“This is another example of the White House lying to the American people about the shady business schemes of the Bidens,” added the committee chairman.

“No. 1, they’re selling access to influential people, as well as bad people and bad countries,” alleged Rep. Comer.

“We don’t know what those people are getting in return. [No. 2], we also know that Joe Biden has not been truthful about any aspect,” continued Comer.

“We’re going to bring in more people, but every time we interview someone, every time we get a new batch of bank records, every time we get access to more emails, we find more lies by this White House, more lies by the Bidens, and more ethics violations by the Biden family,” explained Comer.

Comer emphasized that the investigation is uncovering consistent falsehoods by the White House and the Bidens.

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