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Joe Biden’s Contradictory Comments ‘Baffle’ His Aides

via ProPublica on Youtube
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President Joe Biden’s aides are reportedly concerned about his inaccurate and puzzling public comments, leaving them to clarify or contradict his statements.

Biden often makes political blunders, prompting aides to provide note cards and encourage him to stick to pre-written scripts.

Aides struggle to redirect attention and explain discrepancies between Biden’s comments and official U.S. policy. (Trending: Fauci’s Ex-Boss Admits The Truth About COVID)

Reuters reported, “They [aides] often struggle to shift attention back to the administration’s message of the day, or explain why Biden’s comments are seemingly at odds with official U.S. policy.”

“Biden’s public speeches are carefully crafted and vetted, spontaneous exchanges with reporters are limited and he rarely holds full-blown news conferences,” continued the outlet.

“When he does, some of his answers appear to be written down ahead of time and read aloud,” stated the report.

Biden’s loose talk is attributed to his desire to test lines and thoughts for future public use.

Recent polls indicate challenges for Biden, with concerns about his age and popularity.

Despite this, Biden asserts that people can trust his words, emphasizing that he means what he says.

“No one ever doubts I mean what I say,” said Biden.

“The problem is I sometimes say all that I mean,” he continued.

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