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Trump Reportedly Conducted His Own Voter Fraud Investigator, But It Proved There Was No Fraud

via CNN
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Ken Block’s data mining firm was hired by Donald Trump to find evidence of voter fraud following the 2020 election, but instead found no voter fraud.

Block’s work could now be used to help prosecute Trump, as his firm’s findings disproved the voter fraud claims made by Trump and his campaign.

The firm was paid $755,000 by the Trump campaign to investigate voter fraud claims, but found only a small amount of voter fraud that was not significant enough to affect the election. (Trending: Transgender Actor ‘Purposefully Misgendered’ By Airline Employee)

The firm’s work helped block multiple lawsuits based on false voter fraud conspiracy theories, and Block’s upcoming book contains data on why Trump lost the election.

“I’ve received subpoenas from both Jack Smith’s federal investigation into potential crimes related to Jan. 6 and also Fani Willis’ investigation of potential election crimes committed in Georgia,” Block said.

“All of my work and all of my work product for the campaign is in the hands of both of those investigations. And the totality of that work shows and proves no voter fraud was found.”

“Those findings were communicated to the top of Trump’s campaign apparatus,” Block said.

“We stopped lawsuits whose foundation was terrible data. More than once,” Block added.

“The non-reckless side of the campaign did conduct due diligence, wanted to know the honest truth about the data and what it told us, and they did the right thing in communicating that information up the chain,” Block said.

“There is data now available that shows exactly why Trump lost the election,” he added.

“I did that analysis. I have the results. A lot of people will be very surprised by what is, in effect, a very logical reason for why he lost, but I go through an entire proof that shows what happened.”

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