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10-Day Waiting Period Officially In Effect For Gun Purchases In U.S. State

via CNN
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Washington state implemented a 10-day waiting period for gun purchases, along with a mandatory training requirement.

Supporters argue that the waiting period can prevent impulsive actions with firearms, particularly in cases of suicide.

However, opponents express concerns about potential delays in accessing firearms for self-protection, especially in domestic violence situations. (Trending: Obama Judge Issues Shock Ruling Against Democrats)

Apple Valley News Now reported that the law “requires people to go through training before they can buy a gun.”

State Sen. Patty Kuderer said, “The sad fact today is that over half of suicides are committed with a firearm. There are very few do-overs when a gun is used and that’s why Mr. President, this cooling off period that’s in the bill is so critically important.”

State Sen. Lynda Wilson contended, “There may be a mom with a couple of little girls and in a serious domestic violence situation. If even she finds the instructor, and if she can afford the class, and if she can get into one of those classes that don’t exist today — she will still have to wait another 10 days after the purchase of the firearm to protect herself.”

Additionally, a proposed gun license requirement was removed from the bill as it progressed through the legislature.

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