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‘The View’ Host Suggests Meghan McCain Should Be Hired By ‘Real Housewives’ Franchise

via E! News
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Meghan McCain criticized her former co-hosts on “The View,” calling them “crazy old people” and accusing them of continuously mentioning her name in public since her departure from the show in 2021.

She specifically took issue with Ana Navarro’s comments, believing Navarro accused her of actions similar to Hunter Biden’s.

McCain also accused the show of being “rigged,” claiming that the co-hosts decide on topics and that anything making Democrats look bad is not chosen. (Trending: Democrat Targets U.S. Troops With New Gun Control Law)

Meghan McCain said, “The thing about ‘The View’ is that I didn’t know when I signed my contract with ABC that this is forever. That for the rest of my life I’m going to be like, bullied and yelled at and abused and brought up [for] years.”

“I haven’t been on that show in years,” she continued.

“I just didn’t know that when I signed to do this show, that I’d have to deal with, like, these crazy old people just yelling about me all the time,” added McCain.

“Joe Biden’s crime is being Hunter Biden’s father,” said Navarro.

“And being Hunter Biden’s very loving father, very good father, very supportive father,” she continued.

“Look, did Hunter Biden influence peddle on his last name? Yes he did, so did half of Washington — people sitting at this table did it,” claimed Navarro.

“I’m not talking about currently,” she added.

McCain wrote that Navarro, “will be consulting my lawyers regarding what was libeled against me on The View this morning.”

“Whatever they [the co-hosts] choose, the majority chooses, is the topic of the show,” recalled McCain.

“So obviously, anything that makes Democrats look bad is never chosen,” she added.

“There are some news stories that they just straight up wouldn’t cover because it made people look bad,” said the former host.

Sunny Hostin responded to a critical column McCain wrote about “The View,” suggesting McCain join a “Housewives” franchise instead of doing television.

Hostin said, “I don’t think she’s doing television anymore. I think you should hire her for one of the ‘Housewives’ franchise.”

“She’d be great on [the series] ‘Potomac’ or any of them,” added the co-host of “The View”

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