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Tucker Carlson Floored by John Daly’s Diet Coke Habit: ‘You’re Getting All Your Hydration from Diet Coke?’

via Tucker Carlson
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Golfer John Daly, known for his unconventional lifestyle, revealed in an interview with Tucker Carlson and Kid Rock that he consumes a large amount of Diet Coke daily, almost 20-22 cans.

He dislikes drinking water and has even been advised by his doctor to cut down on Diet Coke.

Daly expressed admiration for former President Trump, who shares his love for Diet Coke. (Trending: Democrat Targets U.S. Troops With New Gun Control Law)

“I would cook him breakfast every day for the one Buick Open we were doing,” said Kid Rock about Daly.

“I have some eggs made for him, this, that, and the other — ‘Oh, thanks, bub. You got any Diet Coke?’” recalled the singer.

“Not as many as Daddy Trump,” joked Daly.

“My God, I thought I could drink ’em, but man, he can drink ’em,” said Daly.

“I used to have about 20, 22 [Diet Cokes] a day,” said Daly.

“So you’re getting all your hydration from Diet Coke?” asked Carlson.

“Pretty much, yeah,” responded the golf icon.

“I could probably outlast a camel when it comes [to] if I have to drink water … I can’t stand water. I hate it,” added Daly.

“You know, my Diet Coke, there’s ice in there, and there’s water in there,” he explained.

He also expressed support for Trump’s potential return to office and praised his character and leadership.

Daly’s lifestyle, including heavy Diet Coke consumption and smoking, contrasts with Trump’s teetotaler and nonsmoker habits.

“He needs to win, I pray to God he wins,” said Daly.

“Just for the satisfaction of bringing our country back together and get common sense going in here again,” he continued.

“Look what he did, how great was our country for the four years he was in office? Now look at it. No secure borders,” said Daly.

“I mean what the hell happened? Where did it go? I was loving the four years Daddy Trump was in. And it’s all gone to hell in two to three years,” added the golfer.

“I’ll have his back till I die,” said Daly.

“He’s one of the greatest human beings I’ve ever met. The family is awesome. Once you get to know them, they’re just good-hearted people,” explained Daly.

“He only wants to help Americans and protect our country,” he continued.

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