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2023 Was A ‘Dire’ Year For Freedom of Speech On Campus

via NBC4 Washington
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College campuses have been experiencing significant challenges regarding free speech, with the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) highlighting the issue.

The current environment is compared to the “new Red Scare,” with instances of cancel culture being considered more severe than past periods of censorship.

Recent events, including protests and firings of professors, have underscored the issue. (Trending: Could Taylor Swift Save Biden In 2024?)

“The situation for free speech on college campuses has been dire for a long time,” Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression President Greg Lukianoff said.

“I’m hopeful that this will be an opportunity for the kind of serious discussions and change that need to happen, because this situation is not sustainable.”

“In a very real sense, you’re talking about a situation that is worse than it was in one of the most famous bad periods for academic freedom,” Lukianoff said.

“The weird thing with cancel culture is that ideologues are still actually claiming this isn’t even happening or it’s some kind of right-wing hoax or doesn’t exist.”

A survey found that a substantial number of college students have faced punishment or threats due to their speech.

Additionally, tensions related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have further exacerbated free speech concerns.

“Free speech is dead on most college campuses nationwide,” education reporter Logan Dubil said.

“If higher ed wants to be taken seriously, changes must be made to the way politics and social issues are discussed and advocated for on our campuses,” Dubil wrote.

FIRE is advocating for higher education reform and encourages individuals to consider their College Free Speech Rankings when choosing a university.

“Even though we correctly point out that these problems exist on both the right and the left, we don’t try to pretend that they’re of equal proportion,” Lukianoff said.

“Cancel culture is at its worst at elite higher education in the United States, which is overwhelmingly super majority left-leaning, both in terms of administrators and professors.”

“I want people who donate money to higher ed and sort of instinctively want to send their kids to Ivy League schools to wake up and realize that there’s something seriously wrong there,” Lukianoff said.

“You shouldn’t be giving your $10,000 — let alone your $10 million — to any of these incredibly rich mega-corporations.”

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