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‘She’s Toast’: Republicans Of Color Disappointed By Haley’s Slavery Misstep

via CNN-News18
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Some Republicans of color expressed disappointment with Nikki Haley’s initial refusal to acknowledge slavery as the cause of the Civil War, seeing it as a historical omission and a tactical mistake.

While some believed it could harm her campaign, others saw it as a teachable moment.

The incident was frustrating for Republicans of color, as it echoed previous controversies involving GOP candidates and the issue of slavery, such as the case with Ron DeSantis. (Trending: Democrat Targets U.S. Troops With New Gun Control Law)

However, it remains unclear how much impact this incident will have on Haley’s campaign in early voting states.

Some felt she could ill afford such a stumble just before the Iowa Caucus, potentially causing concern among independent voters.

“She easily could’ve communicated better in that moment, but chose to use a tired old political stump tactic by tossing the same question back to the guy who asked,” said Republican strategist Rina Shah.

“What I do see is her having left out the word ‘slavery’ because she was scared to talk about anything regarding our nation’s complicated history.”

“I think by acknowledging slavery she felt she might be alienating” Trump and DeSantis supporters.

“She should’ve been able to answer the d— question and move on,” Black Republican Shermichael Singleton said.

“She had a chance to be competitive even though she was always likely to lose [the nomination]. However, that’s over now. She’s toast,” he said.

“There were so many other issues that caused the Civil War, whether it be states’ rights, the role of our federal government at the time, … the economy [Americans at that time] felt was in shambles,” talk show host Armstrong Williams said.

“But what she has to realize is all these issues, no matter what they were, were inextricably bound to the institution of slavery. She cannot separate slavery from any of these issues no matter how many she mentions.”

“No, nor should it,” Williams said.

“Listen, Nikki Haley is not a racist. She’s not a bigot. She’s a politician,” he said.

“And sometimes politicians do what politicians do and they pay the price for it. And she’s paid the price for not being the person of courage and having the moral clarity to speak the truth.”

“Why Nikki Haley felt the need to sidestep a question that should’ve been a lay up is beyond me,” said Gen Z Republican CJ Pearson.

“We are the party of Lincoln, the party of abolition. We should stand on that, unapologetically and unequivocally,” he added.

“I will say that a lot of independent voters who have rallied behind her probably woke up with a lot more pause this morning about her candidacy than they went to sleep with.”

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