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Legal Analyst: Trump Audio Recordings May ‘Be Devastating Evidence’

via CNN
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A recently discovered recording reportedly contains audio of Donald Trump and RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel conspiring with Michigan officials to manipulate the 2020 presidential election.

Legal analyst Danny Cevallos suggested that special counsel Jack Smith could use this evidence in federal court, possibly as prior bad act evidence, in order to strengthen the case against Trump.

Cevallos emphasizes the potential impact of such evidence, noting that it can be compelling for juries. (Trending: Democrat Found Guilty In Corruption Trial)

“There was a lot of talk this last week about, well, could this expose him to liability in a Michigan court? Maybe,” Cevallos said.

“But far more interesting to me, having defended federal criminal cases, I can tell you federal court is not a fun place to be for a criminal defense attorney because the government is very good at what they do.”

“If I’m the government I’m thinking they’re looking at this Michigan evidence as what we call 404-B, but all it is is prior bad act evidence that sometimes under certain circumstances can come into a prosecution,” Cevallos added.

“So if I’m Jack Smith, maybe you look at that Michigan evidence or any evidence from any other state and bring that in as evidence in your D.C. court case and say, ‘Look, this is what he was doing elsewhere, this was not a mistake. This is his modus operandi. This all should come in,’ and it can be devastating evidence.”

“I can tell you personally that bad act evidence that somebody did something else bad somewhere else is devastating and juries — they eat it up.”

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