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MTG Shaken by Terrible Christmas Day Surprise After Receiving Death Threat

via Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene on Youtube
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Several prominent Trump supporters, including Marjorie Taylor Greene, have been targeted by swatting incidents, where prank calls prompt law enforcement to respond to nonexistent threats.

This has been described as a tool of political intimidation, leading to concerns about the safety of conservative figures.

“I was just swatted,” Greene wrote online. (Trending: Founding Dixie Chick Member Dies Unexpectedly)

“This is like the 8th time. My local police are the GREATEST and shouldn’t have to deal with this,” Greene said.

Despite the threats, victims have commended local law enforcement but criticized the FBI’s response.

“The outright absurdity of this email response and the fact that they have not arrested this guy is shocking, thankfully I’m a gun owner. But compare it to how the FBI and DOJ treats J6’ers, Pres Trump, and their political enemies,” Greene wrote.

“The FBI can do so many things, has even abused FISA to spy on hundreds of thousands of Americans, but can not figure out who wants me killed by a hail of bullets fired by a SWAT team responding to murder suicide calls supposedly coming from me,” she said.

“I will be introducing legislation to track down swatters. Thank you to everyone who has sent well wishes for me and my family,” she added.

Greene plans to introduce legislation to address swatting, highlighting the need for legal action against perpetrators.

The lack of federal action against those making threats is a major concern in this ongoing issue.

“Imagine if that was happening to Nancy Pelosi. There’d be 200 FBI agents on the case, and the people responsible for it would be in federal prison today,” Vince Langman posted.

“On Christmas day… These people are EVIL. God bless you and your family. Merry Christmas,” Evan Kilgore wrote.

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